Jeremy Carl Espouses White Nationalist Talking Points On Far-Right YouTube Show (2024)

Updated | Claremont Institute senior fellow and former Trump administration official Jeremy Carl has been hitting the right-wing media circuit to promote his book, The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart. On one far-right YouTube show, Carl promoted white nationalist concepts, including the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory.

On the May 13, 2024 episode of Subversive w/ Alex Kaschuta — a show whose guests included the likes of Curtis Yarvin, Richard Hanania, Steve Sailer, and Patrick Casey — host Alex Kaschuta asked Carl if he got “any flak for including the term anti-white” in the title of his book. Carl replied that “saying the word anti-white was foundational to what I wanted to do.”

In fact, Carl claimed that he originally wanted to title his book after a 4chan meme embraced by white nationalists.

“So I wanted to be very explicit, and I felt like to tell an honest story with the book, I really at the same time needed to put anti-whiteness front and center. And so it is in the subtitle. I actually originally had the title that was even a little bit more risqué: It’s Okay To Be White,” he said.

He added that he “got that title by the publishers themselves,” but that it was rejected by the salespeople.

When Kaschuta asked about immigration, Carl endorsed the white supremacist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory.

This conspiracy theory, coined by French writer Renaud Camus, posits that there is a plot — often by Jewish elites — to replace white people in majority-white countries with immigrants of color. It also inspired a wave of deadly terrorist attacks, most recently one at a Buffalo, NY supermarket which left 10 dead.

Over the years, the conspiracy has been embraced by the American far-right, including disgraced ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, failed presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk.

“But I think at a certain level, it’s just a basic question, which is: Do whites of European descent have a right to not be replaced in their own countries?” he told Kaschuta. “You know, the countries that they grew up in, set the culture of. … Do those people have a right, ultimately, to not be replaced by other people?”

Carl also complained about the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which did away with America’s racist immigration quotas and, in his words, “transformed our society in pretty fundamental ways without really ever having any consent of the governed.”

“And if you go back and I talk a little bit — or more than a little bit — in the book about the origins of the dramatic change we had in immigration law in the United States with the Hart-Celler bill in 1965, if anybody who was voting on that bill in 1965 kind of could foresee America in 2024, it would’ve gotten like five yay votes, right?” he claimed.

“Everything we were promised, if you go back and read the text of those debates, was this is not gonna fundamentally transform America demographically,” he continued. “Well that’s exactly what happened.”

Kaschuta closed out the interview by asking Carl for a “recommended thinker” for the audience. Carl said that he could think of two — one that he called “much more normie,” and one that is “more edgy.” Carl’s “normie” pick was white supremacist and former Nixon advisor Pat Buchanan, who has downplayed segregation and defended Adolf Hitler.

Carl praised Buchanan as “very sharp,” and wondered aloud what would have happened if he had won the presidency in 1992.

His “more edgy” pick, of course, was Renaud Camus — the man behind the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory. Camus has openly sympathized with the torch-wielding Neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville while chanting “You will not replace us!” And in 2020 he was slated to speak at a conference hosted by the white supremacist hate group American Renaissance.

That conference was ultimately cancelled, but American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor described Camus as a “distinguished man of letters” who “write[s] forcefully against the replacement of Europeans.” (In a 2018 article for Fox News, Jeremy Carl uncritically cited an opinion piece by Taylor to attack former Attorney General Eric Holder.)

Carl similarly called Camus a “respected intellectual figure” in the “intellectual life of France.” He also defended Camus’ writing by stating that “it’s not that he’s spending all his time just lashing out at North Africans,” and that he’s “asking very sensible questions about the speed and rate of demographic change and what it means to be French.”

[This article was updated to note Jeremy Carl’s citation to an article by white nationalist Jared Taylor.]

Jeremy Carl Espouses White Nationalist Talking Points On Far-Right YouTube Show (2024)
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