Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? - [104] Unexpected Guest! (2024)


After quickly resolving his lunch, August headed towards the dungeon.

As for Ais, since she had leveled up to level 6, the other girls invited her to go shopping. August didn't stop her, after all, girls needed to have some fun, hanging out with friends, and shopping when they had the chance.

Although Tiona and Tione had left a bad impression on August due to previous incidents, Ais had distanced herself from them. Many decisions were now consulted with August before being made.

And, it was just shopping for clothes and accessories, it would be a waste not to indulge.

On the other hand, August arrived at the dungeon again, and his mood was completely different this time.

The last time was for mining, but this time, it was for monster hunting and conducting an experiment.

After reaching the first floor, goblins crawled out from the rock walls, rushing towards August with their teeth bared.


August raised a hand, and a thick mist slowly released from his hand. As the goblins entered the mist, the seemingly calm mist revealed its fangs, and in the blink of an eye, all the goblins were devoured by the mist.

In their place, there were no corpses or loot.

Checking the system, there was a slight change in the quest progress: [1/10000].

This meant that the mist was also considered his ability. Therefore, monsters killed by it were counted as his achievements.

This made August happy because, after all, why did people come to the dungeon? It was for completing quests.

As for making money by obtaining magic stones and loot like other adventurers, August was no longer interested. Making money was too easy for him now.

And so, with a large expanse of mist around him, August walked through the dungeon.

Wherever he went, all monsters lost their lives and magic power, becoming nutrients devoured by the mist.

August didn't do anything, just kept walking, and the number of monsters killed increased rapidly.

This made August extremely happy, it was like AFK farming monsters. He didn't have to do anything, and the monsters were taken care of.

The only downside was that the dead monsters didn't drop magic stones. As for loot, August wasn't sure if they dropped or not, but so far, nothing had dropped.

In this manner, August easily traversed through the upper, middle, and lower floors, reaching the deep levels.

On the thirty-fifth floor, all monsters here were level 3, and August felt it was the most suitable level for monster farming. This place was spacious enough, and the monsters were level 3, matching his third-stage system tasks.

Next, August took out a table, a chair, some snacks, and a bottle of 82 Lafite he had obtained earlier. Like an afternoon coffe, August sat down, enjoyed snacks, and sipped Lafite.

Around him, the mist rapidly spread to all directions. All monsters were killed the moment they spawned and then devoured.

Seeing monsters respawn in groups, August smirked. He then took out a water candle, lit it, and directly activated the enhanced version of the Monster Feast.

As expected, soon after, monsters began emerging in the vicinity. August then pulled out a well-known adventure novel from Orario, enjoyed snacks, sipped wine, and immersed himself in reading.

As for the monsters around, none could approach within twenty meters of August, they were all killed by the mist.

In this way, an extremely strange scene unfolded on the thirty-fifth floor of the deep dungeon. Monsters constantly spawned around, and in the midst of it all was a dense mist. In the mist, a man sat like he was in his own home, leisurely reading a book.


[Congratulations, Host, for completing the quest 'Hunting Moment I: Hunt and kill 10 level 3 monsters.' Progress : 10/10. Reward: Normal Gacha Draw *3!]


[Ding! Congratulations, Host, for completing the quest 'Hunting Moment II: Hunt and kill 100 level 3 monsters.' Progress: 100/100. Reward: Normal Gacha Cards *9!]


The first two monster-hunting quests were quickly completed, while the quest to hunt 1000 monsters would take some time.

August was currently very leisurely. Recalling his previous monster-farming journey and comparing it to now, the difference was immense.

"Hmm? What's going on?"

At the entrance of the thirty-fifth floor, a figure walked in.

However, upon seeing monsters spawning everywhere, she was instantly startled.

Then, upon seeing a mysterious mist surrounding the area, where all monsters entering it died mysteriously, and in the center of that mist was a person.

Seated on a chair, reading a book, drinking wine, and eating snacks, this scene completely shattered her understanding.

Was this still the dungeon where countless adventurers perished?

How could there be someone so casual in the dungeon, and on the thirty-fifth floor, no less?

However, when she saw the continuously spawning monsters around her, she also had some doubts. These monsters were too strange, even during a Monster Feast, they shouldn't continuously spawn like this. It should be a one-time spawn of a large number of monsters, not like the ants emerging from a nest, as seen now.

But when she saw the mist surrounding the mysterious figure, she made a guess. This mist was definitely his magic.

However, such continuous and fast monster slaughter mist magic was unheard of.

Just at this moment, August, inside the mist, noticed a visitor.

Looking up, coincidentally, their eyes met.

'She saw me.'

'He saw me.'

This was the simultaneous reaction of both.

August extinguished the water candle, put it away, and then packed up everything else.

This sudden movement alerted the visitor.

Because August's actions were clearly the prelude to silencing someone who had witnessed something.

Without any hesitation, she turned and ran towards the upper levels.

August's gaze also sharpened, and his figure disappeared instantly.

Having the ability to continuously eliminate monsters over a large area, August didn't want to reveal it. Otherwise, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble.

Moreover, the fact that the person saw him and immediately ran made August more suspicious.

The person's strength wasn't weak, at least level 3 adventurer level, but facing August with his teleportation magic, her speed wasn't fast enough.

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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? - [104] Unexpected Guest! (2024)
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